Paid for by Courtney Monk for School Board 2018 FPPC #1404178


As a Los Gatos public school parent, I understand how important it is to give our students opportunities to thrive. I ran for the Los Gatos Union School Board because I believe all children deserve an excellent education that unlocks their highest potential.  


My parents instilled in me at an early age the importance of education, and I want to do the same for the children in my community. That’s why I am a Project Cornerstone reader and a Home and School Club member at Lexington. And in my career, I’ve chosen to work for companies and organizations whose mission is to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for young people. I also currently serve on the boards of Breakthrough Silicon Valley and iMentor to help lower-income students in Silicon Valley achieve their dreams of going to college.


I want LGUSD to be the premiere district in Silicon Valley and in California. To reach this goal, our district must empower our kids with the academic and social-emotional skills necessary to thrive in 21st century careers, by investing in a world-class STEM program and student counseling. Our schools need to provide an innovative education that fosters the development of the whole child, while also treating all students equitably.


As a Lex parent and volunteer, and a professional with experience working in education and technology, I know what it will take to prepare our kids for their future careers. I am running for Los Gatos Union School Board because I feel a deep responsibility to invest in our children and, in turn, our community’s future. I will work tirelessly on behalf of our students to achieve this vision.


Yours sincerely,